Thursday, 27 August 2015

Journeydudes: the Dudening (part 3)

Week three of the Shed Journeyman League; With the rise to the 25pt level everyone's armies are starting to fill out,  Only 4 of our 5 tables were being used, making for a relatively quieter night than previous nights, but games started to take a noticeably longer amount of time with moremodels to activate. This was handled well by our newer players, and it was awesome and enlightening watching people encounter the different rules interactions that come into play, particularly seeing Jordan's discovery of how awesome Gatormen Posse are in Skorne.

Also, as more and more order of activation interactions are becoming available, I'm noticing just how the shift to 25 changes the game for my Cephalyx. Now having two full units of drudges available to play alongside two Agitators and my Monstrosities. I am over the moon. Ecstatic. I can't shut up about those guys. They are the absolute business, so many options and tricks. I'm positively gushing. PP, you've outdone yourselves. Some of the interactions came as surprises, like the interaction between the Subduer and Wrecker. Previously it seemed two Wreckers were an obviously better battlegroup, but over several games now  the Subduer has proven itself a fantastic piece to set up for assassinations or knocking down high-def pieces. I feel this is just the beginning of exploring the depth of these models.

Just a few snaps, this time of people smiling as I was annoyed at the blandness of my previous photos. The players were potentially straining under the pressure to appear joyful, and some even put in the effort to lift their thumbs in an upward direction.

And here are our standings after week 3:

Dan creeps ahead, nabbing a couple of hobby points for painting Aiyana and Holt, and racking up a total of 4 games over the night, more than anyone else. His rampage with Butcher was finally stalled however, when faced against my Cephalyx. Things are still pretty tight however, and heaps of people had painting done but elected to hold out before counting them for hobby points till they had done more work. The Shed lads are a disciplined bunch.

We meet again on the 7th of September, 25 points again, but this time you are all welcome to change your 'casters/'locks to try someone different. Remember, you got to hold on to your original battlegroup. One further change I am making will be to introduce the steam roller scenarios for our games. The recommended scenarios from the journeyman pack have been interesting to play, but I feel they have now outlived their novelty. The steamroller pack provides far more relevant and dynamic scenarios for us to learn with. 

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