Thursday, 10 September 2015

Journeymayngs 4: too much journeymayngs

The forth part of the shed journeyman had a smaller turnout, but BIG leaps in terms of points changes.

Here's where we at:

Only a few games were played, so most of the movement in rankings was the result of hobby points as people pushed to get their casters and battleboxes done. Luke Harvey also has been bullying people with Kaelyssa, showing what she's capable of at low points levels. Peter Hunter traded Denny for Goresahde3, using him with some Bane Cav to try out a few things. He also spent a good deal of time complaining about being forced to use his battlebox 'jacks. No sympathy for Cryx players Pete.

You can tell he's super upset about it

Nikola was bandying Anson Durst, trying out Menoth's newest warcaster; after his games Nikola has officially declared Menoth = shit. Except for Kreoss3. So if anyone's in the market for buying some Menoth?

Dave Wilson made the biggest gains, smashing out an army of Wold Watchers to accompany Bradigus. He'll have a chance to use them in the next phase of the Journeyman to as we move to 35 points.

See how smug he is about it here:


  1. I think ill throw my menoth against a wall. Itll generate more excitement from those mdoels than anyone can using them in games

    1. So make the call- Durst, the Rock of We Gotta Have Faith: The saviour of Menoth or no?