Thursday, 13 August 2015

Journeymandibles: Rnd 2

Week 2 of our journeyman league, 15 points now, more beasts, more jacks, more solos, more units oh my! - Action shots!

Nothing more awe inspiring than a pic of people bent over tables rolling dice. Such grace. Much majesty. Wow.

It was a pretty packed Monday night, 5 games running simultaneously, with Matt Bissel and his trolls on the sidelines ready to drop in and out. There were a few new drop-ins including someone no one was actually expecting to show up. Word of the Shitty Shed League gets around.

Anyway, more pics of people's games:

And the results!

I pushed to the top of the pack having painted the full battle box and a solo. Dan powered through all his games, steamrolling everyone with Butcher again. Dave W decided to make the switch to circle, so unfortunately his points have reset. Plenty of time to climb the ladder though.

Next time we meet on the 24th, and shift our lists up to the 25pt mark. Joy!

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