Wednesday, 11 February 2015


You just had to ruin it for everyone else, didn't you Brad?

Well that was weird; I post about my first game against Bradigus, and then the next morning the entire Circle faction takes a flick to the nuts with a new restriction to the shifting stones.

For those that haven't accessed the errata document yet, you can find it here.

The change to only one teleport per model is making me a lot more excited and happy than I would have expected. The whole thing was a surprise to awake to I guess, and that it applies to more than just the problem Bradigus posed makes me even more giggly. Part of that is being an outsider looking in, anticipating an onslaught of discussion and opinions, ranging across the spectrum of chicken-little doom-and-gloom, to attempts of cautious optimism and rationalism. This is something that has been dropped into the laps of Circle players worldwide, and it will be interesting to see just WHAT the actual impact on people's games will be.

One thing that potentially could happen is that Circle players leave the game en masse. This is just a consideration I have in light of how people leave the GW systems on a regular basis due to rules changes and other things. I doubt this will happen, but is an outcome I entertain. Comparing the trends and precedents established by the players of other systems I also find interesting to consider as it again reminds me why I play this game in favour of others.

Now Privateer Press give eMorghul his feat back plz k thnx ^_^


  1. How many things has Privateer buffed ever? Rhyas and Taryn di la Rovissi are the only ones I can think of, and both for reasons unknown.

    eMorghoul is dead forever. I give you this advice as a Mk1 Skorne player. Shield your heart from further ache and accept that eMorg is a maggot-ridden carcass of a ruleset, ripped apart by the talons of pathetically rushed design and playtesting, and whose only salvation can come at the hands of an utterly unwilling god.

    1. RIP in peace Morgs :.(

      Just noticed it seems to be mainly people like me who weren't around for Mk1, who constantly bring up his old feat. Its like a flag we wave, hoping PP will notice.

    2. You might be interested in reading this brilliant article about the Mk2 transition:

    3. History lesson and blatant self-promotion?!!!

      WHERE DO I SIGN :o

    4. (I've actually already read it, and its bloody great)