Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Biting off more than you can chew is actually ok, so long as you have a plate to spit the excess on to.

I should know, I eat a lot of noodles. I've also decided to take on what I guess was my first actual commission painting job, getting Nikola's Legion up to scratch. So far I've managed to nut off the cavalry solo, eVayl, a Naga and Zuriel, and am still deciding whether I'm getting horror flashbacks from when I painted my old Tyranid army, or nestling into the groove of painting flesh and chitin once more.

I actually am enjoying this, and ironically, it's motivated me to paint more of my own models. I've been chipping away at my Mammoth on the side. After almost a year and a half sitting around looking like a brown turd, I've done enough where I'm just finishing off some detailing.

Though finishing off detailing on a Mammoth is pretty much the lion's share of the work, I'm realising. Anyways, I'm going to bring that bad boy with me to Battlecry in a couple of week's time. I've decided to take a rather casual approach to what lists I want to bring, which may very well lead to me being frustrated and annoyed at my army being shit. But I really want to do pXerxis with Mammoth and get that fat bubba to ARM24 (or effective 26 vs Hordes with the Agoniser).


Speaking of Gargantuans, how about that Templecon eh? New Colossals eh? I was initially stoked at the announcement, the idea of expanding the range of these big models appeals to me, even if it takes me a year and half to paint the fucking things (I'll get to my Kraken too, I promise). People started theorising pretty quickly about the impact these new models will have, the sort of power they may bring, and then what the projected benefits/cons would be. And in general, people seem to be rather skeptical, or maybe erring on the side of caution. Podcast discussion has touched on what happens to the game when you just have so much focus on these large, lumpy pieces that are hard to remove, and how this may skew things away from the all the infantry choices in the game. Others have discussed that in light of the strength of some of the other Colossals, this new wave may be largely underwhelming. While these opinions have coloured my own thoughts. I think I remain optimistic overall,. There's so little information to go on at this juncture.

But Battlecry! I'm getting excited again, because my second list is actually going to be eXerxis - I've fallen in love with that big lug all over again. After getting over my initial grumbling over him I think I've cracked him. This may be blindingly obvious to others, so please bear with me. I tried building lists with a bunch of shooting that would leverage off his feat, thinking that infantry were probably the answer for eXerxis. But watching games people played with eVayl, I got the idea I could mimic part of her game-plan; the whole hit and run, refuge thing. So I built a list with as many light cyclops beasts as I could have, and that seems to be a decent start. There's been a bit of talk from an Aussie Skorne player, David Potts, about his appreciation of a package of 3 Cyclops Brutes in a range of lists. The defensive stats of these 5pt guys, along with shield-guard, is pretty impressive for such expendable pieces. With Xerxis I put them to work, running all over the show at SPD8. along with the Archidon and Molik Karn, I have movement jank a plenty, and being in that mind-set more than anything else has made me happy to play him. Recognising that I had pigeon-holed a particular play-style with Skorne, based around a powerful counter-punch, meant that it was my thinking that had to change when using eXerxis.

Outside of that, matchups are certainly another thing to gauge. I haven't figured out how he handles infantry screens all that well at this stage, having just come home from a game against Luke Harvey's Issyria. I don't feel confident in this matchup and him getting the first turn sealed the deal. But I still learnt from the experience, both realising that I would probably have gone to my other list in the case of the Retribution match up, or what committed differently if I was to play the game again. On the flipside to all this, I had my first game against Bradigus today as well, and felt confident enough about the match up. I still got assassinated to fuck, but it certainly wasn't as lop-sided as I thought. Just need to shuffle a few things around to get that second Extoller in there.

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