Thursday, 25 August 2016

Back from the dead

It honestly did not feel that long ago that I posted on this blog.

Yet here we are, 8 months later, a new edition of the game, screeds of posts and comments and opinions and hyperbole and sweet sweet memes and hashtags (#3yearsinthemaking, #3yearsofplaytesting, #designspace, #options).
Praise be Jason Brown, maker of memes, pun-master, Jason Soles fanboi

Personally, I've continued playing, including forcing Gaspy3 down people's throats during the twilight moments of Mk2, participating in the Oceanic Team Championships, a fantastic experience, with much sledging and many misplays (getting my 15 focus-camped Gaspy blight-bombed was pretty memorable). If anyone has the chance to attend a teams-event, I heartily recommend it.
Peter seemed to enjoy himself.
post schnitz

On the topic of the new edition, there seemed to be enough change where my existing lists had to be dropped, particularly where Skorne was concerned. And despite the persistent rubbishing the faction gets, I still remain somewhat stubbornly of the opinion that they have interesting builds available to them. Having said that, actions must speak louder than words, as I have sold off/traded the lion's share of my Skorne. It seemed that my investment in the faction had progressed to the point of purchasing and collecting models for the sake of it, with no real focus as to what warlocks I wanted to play, while also juggling my Cryx and Cephalyx. I continued to acquire models and my painting backlog was swelling to the point of overwhelming, so I deemed it necessary to step away from the faction, at least for now, in order to refocus my efforts on something new, and concise.
Magnus2 seemed like a nice new shiny, with enough fringe-cred to not be flavour of the month, so I made the decision to side-step into Mercs. This would also provide me the motivation to attend to my Cephalyx again, and exercise discipline with refining 2-3 lists. I plan to do a similar thing with Minions too, where I have a bunch of existing models, and am keen to work on a few lists to make decent pairings that are fun and rewarding to play.

As for writing and updating this blog, I'm keen to start dedicating some time to writing and reflecting here again. Obviously, life may have other plans for me, but for now I'm looking forward to journaling my thoughts and experiences.

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