Monday, 2 November 2015

All good journeymans come to an end.

50th POST

Also the end of the Shed Journeyman League wound up. I had put off having the sixth and final session due to several other complicating factors, but it was time to stick a fork in this baby, and bring this process to a close. In the end only 6 people turned up, and we all snuck a game in each.
Nikola returned with his Menoth after playing a grueling tournament in Christchurch over the weekend. He also donated a box of Karax he received at the event (excellent trolling Adam O, well played), and after passing the box around like a hot potato, Ray ended up with a new unit to use... with something I don't know what to do with those guys.

Nikola's Menoth are looking pretty pimpin overall.

And Nik's opponent was Peter D and his Cryx. I'm sure there's a caption to be made here but instead we can just marvel at Denny's gait and lack of mount. Ahur-durr something something sexual innuendo.

I was confused over what happened in the end, but I think a highlight at one point was Kroess3 killing two jacks with a single forceblow, smashing them into one another.

I piloted Cyphon into Isaac's pLylyth. New caster, and new tools to learn. I really focused on getting use out of Breathstealer to try keep the Warspears out of the fight for the first couple of turns. I also need to get a grasp on getting more efficient with my attacks - that feat was utter over kill for the most part, meaning I allocated far more focus than I needed to kill a Scythean. I have this problem with Thexus too, where I underestimate what the Monstrosities or even an Adrenal-Flooded Drudge can do.

I also need to not run my Agitators and the leaders of my Drudge units into charge ranges of stuff. Ahurrr

But yeah, lesson in under-estimating Drudges: Lylyth one-shotted by a flooded Drudge. Kii-yah.

Peter Hunter also brought out Denny3 and pushed it into Ray's Skorne. There seemed to be some immense flubbing of dice and assassination attempts going back and forth; here we have Morghul sitting on 1 box desperately flailing at Denny after she tried to clean his clock, herself sitting on 3 boxes after an attempt on her own life. That's also the edge of the board there in Killbox scenario, so I think they decided to let scenario drop. Ray's dice were nuts, and two fully boosted attacks actually saw him take Denny out on 2 camp. Hilarious stuff.

So final points!
Huh. I don't know how accurate all these hobby points are; David Wilson remains at the top due to painting up a whole bundle of Wolds to use with Bradigus. However I am unsure if he ended up using them in his games during the league, meaning they shouldn't count towards HPs. Similarly, Peter H turned up with a whole bundle of painted jacks, but I am unsure if he used them all as well. Nikola also sold him down the river, admitting that he had helped Peter paint a bunch of those jacks. Merde!!!

But who gives a shit really; it was all in good fun and a chance to motivate people to paint and explore new armies from the ground up. Dave and Peter occupy the top based off a good effort in accumulating hobby points, and Dan L remains top dog for smashing face with Butcher multiple times. Good job fellas. I hope everyone enjoyed their time on our little Monday excursions. I certainly relished the opportunity to get into Cephalyx, and I'm excited to continue exploring them. I have a few more boxes of stuff to fill things out to a 50pt level, and I'll be amped to try them out in events.


  1. I gotta admit, it was really refreshing plaging these smaller games. Solid work overall everyone!