Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Just a quickie to begin the documentation of a small journeyman league I'm running out of my garage. The idea came from David Smooth-Hands Wilson, who would sporadically show up for our regular gaming and cuddle nights on Thursdays. He had a conflicting sports commitment which meant he had trouble finding time to game with the rest of us. This was further compounded by his relative unfamiliarity of the game, so starting from the battlebox level seemed like a great way to start over, relearn the basics of the game, and really see what sort of stunts you could pull out of the bag.

For myself, this seemed to be a great way to approach the game anew, and really test what could be done with a limited palette of options. Additionally, a bunch of us have a backlog of minis that we have neglected to attend to, so the Journeyman becomes a way to start painting our models from a modest and manageable base, and to expand the forces over the next few weeks in a steady and reasonable pace. We're also opening things up to allow people to make their own battleboxes with 11pts. We'll try to keep that under control so there hopefully won't be anything too heinous but #yolo.

We'll be doing this unofficially due to having no easy access to a press ganger and a journeyman kit, so we won't have swish badges to show off to our respective partners, girlfriends, and pets. But using this blog I'll document and chart our progress, so while there won't be badge prizes there will be the very real and tangible shame of being exposed for being a slack fuck on the worldwide web.


First we have Mr Wilson himself
I think he mentioned at one point wanting to use Convergence. I guess we'll find out if he is.

Then we have Luke H bringing his own variation on the Kaelyssa battlebox. 

Next up to the plate we have Dan L, running an eCaine battlebox. I predict all his games end with a top-of-two-feat assassination. 
I have no idea what's up with your profile pic Dan, 

Nikola will be pThagging it, though I think he's making his own variation on the suggested bb.
Only guy playing Hordes. Oosh.

Ol' Greg F is doing something with dwarves. Gorten I believe with all the lights.
This post allows me to reuse this gif I made of Greg two years ago, bonus.

And we also got Peter H, bringing along the obligatory pDenny bb. Someone has to be that guy.
There are few snaps of Pete on the interwebs, so here's one of him I took, on his way to go for a piss.

And then there's me.

My backlog of models has included a full 50pt Cephalyx force, so Exulon Thexus and his boys it is.

Looking forward to giving this guy a spin; the monstrosities are such neat models, and the tricks Thexus has available for him will likely make my face implode. I had my first go at magnetizing too, making the Wrecker's face and arms interchangeable with the Warden's. The Subduer on the left I thought would be too tricky to magnetize, until I fully assembled him and glued him together, and saw that his net launcher arm would have been fine magnetized.

*oh well*

Huh. I said this would be a short one, didn't I?

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