Monday, 27 July 2015

Journeymayngs: Rnd 1

Report of Day 1 of the Official SHED Journeyman League, a mild Monday evening disrupted by backs cracking as they bend over tables, wrists creaking as dice are rolled, and the characteristic shuffle of plastic against skin as models are moved. Ah yesss, the smell of 8 men packed into a barely insulated space. The stuff dreams and shattered hopes are made of. And much learnings.

After a last minute recruitment drive, Luke Harvey managed to net two more fresh and naive players in the form of Ray and Jordan. Welcome to the Shed boys.

My first game was played against Ray who had turned up an hour early. +1 for enthusiasm Ray. He was running the basic Skorne BBox, and we managed to hustle two games as other people arrived and started their own games. Overall, we had 4 games running simultaneously, with most sneaking in 3 games each.
Morghul gets Wrecked

da fuk?

Ret vs CoC 

Morghul's revenge

Deathripper being mates with Kreoss

My own experience was one of feeling rather refreshed by the games. Approaching the game again with a stripped down number of options and exploring a new faction,meant the freedom to try out different moves and tricks, and order of activations. I hope the others felt the same, and that when we meet again in a couple of week's time we get the same chances, except this time with 15pts worth of stuff. An Agitator is definitely the first thing to go into the list.

As for results, here's where everyone is currently ranked based off my recording of the collected game and hobby points.

So Ray leads the pack, to no small part due to having his BBox painted. Jordan was the other person to have done some painting and follows up in third, and Dan sits at 2nd having somehow snuck in 4 games, and winning them all with an Iron-Fleshed pButcher.

You can tell he's stoked about the whole thing.

Or at least, Nikola seemed to be

Oh dear lord...

See you in 2 weeks guys!

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