Wednesday, 17 June 2015

blah blah locknload blah blah reckoning

Just a quickie to gather some thoughts on recent events and musings:

Despite being located in a corner of the world, and geographically isolated from all the hubbub of Lock 'n' Load, there was an explosion of activity on our local facebook communities and gaming groups, what the new releases held, and just what lines in the sand were being drawn ,of who thought what of the various entries in Reckoning and the other Hordes spoilers.

Conversation continues now, and stepping back, I've realised just how much opinions have swung from one side to the other in regards to so many aspects of the book, this unit is shit, now its great, this faction has powerful tools, now it doesn't, etc etc etc. It seems to be a real testament to what PP can do, where the perceived power of entries is not necessarily obvious at first. Locally, people were shitting on Menoth, thinking there was nothing to build with there. Overseas, people were saying they won the book. Slowly, people here are turning around to just what Durst and Feora's character jack can bring to the faction. Debate continues on whether Pyrrhus is worth it in the context of Menoth's 3pt options, but that there's even a debate means there will be potentially something to fiddle with.

The rules for Haley3 and the Ret colossal are also fantastic pieces of design, so much utility and support and options and oh my. Looking at that stuff, I felt envy as a Cryx player considering the amount of shenanigans and exploits available in the Reckoning book were not as obviously extensive.

And I want to stress the obviously in that last sentence; there was a sort of all-engrossing malaise pervading the Cryx forums in regards to Deneghra 3 and Terminus' character jack Barathrum. People seemed to get hyped up expecting that there would be more to Denny3 than what was spoiled, and instead we got what we already knew. I know I was a little bummed myself, but I was of the frame of mind that she was already good based on what we knew, so I can't say I was too disappointed. But holy shit the forums; people were writing her off straight away.

However, as people have started to play her, we're seeing more and more reports of Deneghra actually being a very strong piece. Time will tell how well she compares alongside the other Cryx casters, but for now the reports have been positive. I remember when Goreshade3's rules were released, and there was a pretty sullen reception of what he could do. Then people started unlocking him, and while he may not sit in the top 3 of Cryx casters, I feel he is certainly one of the most versatile casters in the game, not just his faction.

So excite! Much change! Everything is in flux, and its going to be fascinating to see how the chips will fall once people get to grips with all the new stuff that's come out. I know I'm excited to get my hands on a Sepulchre, and to try on eMorghul's new theme force. I'm also hanging out for eZaal's rules; rumour has it someone played him during L'n'L, but the Press Ganger he vs'ed was oblivious to what was happening, and everyone else in the area at the time was creaming themselves over eKromac and the Legion twins.

guh -_-


  1. Soul Trappers, man. Probably the best release of the book.

    Also your post titles are huge.

    1. I just mash the keyboard till something legible appears. I hate trying to come up with titles, its like trying to name your band.

      also, yes the Soul Trappers are hella tasty. Giz