Sunday, 31 May 2015

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I mumbled in previous posts at how busy I'd be over this year, and true to my word, I've been wrapped up in several university commitments, which have left little time to keep adding updates for this blog. I'm determined to keep plugging away at this blog though, I still have multiple ideas of topics to muse on, and there will be all the reveals and excitement of Lock 'n' Load to get swept up in next week.

So what's happened since my last post in April? The Auckland Open was the first 3 list event in New Zealand I've attended, and allowed for some interesting list construction exercises. Particularly as I used the event as an exercise to be "devious" by actually bringing Cryx instead of Skorne. Through the lead up to the Open, it felt like a strange and somewhat egotistical thing to do; I deliberately put on the act of playing Skorne, hinting that I was going to persist with using the faction, whereas privately I knew I was going to bring Cryx. I had romantic notions of people at the event crying to the heavens in despair when I made the big reveal. But I also had thoughts of what the point of all this was; questions of why other's opinions was so important to me as to what I played at a tournament. I also just stood back and realised that what was truly important was recognising that I was having fun playing the game, and fuckit, I had Cryx lists I wanted to play. Playing my eXerxis and Mordikaar lists into the lead up to Ides had actually become quite stale, so I was fiending for a change.

So I went into the Auckland Open with a 3 list combo consisting of Denny2, Terminus, and Scaverous. The latter two casters I wanted to revisit as my safety blanket, being the guys I started this game with. I also had the idea that Denny would be my main list, Terminus could cover the bad gun line/ranged match ups, and Scavs would have the mirror match. My theories worked somewhat, but my lack of practice with the lists was pretty obvious. The one game I dropped Terminus was into Rahn, which resulted in my first tournament tantrum; I failed to totally cover the big guy and let him get Rahn'ed well and truly. Sigh. I thought I only needed the Rahn lesson once, but obviously not. Much apologies to my opponent and friend Luke H.

My two games with Scaverous into Cryx lists were interesting exercises; the first game saw me pitched into Dave Stent's 3Gaspy list. He wrote a more comprehensive breakdown of our game here, but I just wanted to mention that I kinda had all the tools I needed to pick him apart, except I tried to spread out to take on his infantry horde and found the list couldn't spread to cover the board. A total misplay on my part, and I subsequently went down like a sack of shit. But it taught me lessons to take into my game against Mike Thorn's pDenny list. I managed my threat ranges and priorities better here, with fewer fuck ups (pro-tip; remember to stay away from Orin Midwinter), but Mike reckoned he had a few decent early chances to get a pop and drop assassination on me. As it was, I got up attritionally, forcing Mike into TWO turns of trying to kill Scaverous. Oosh, I was lucky he didn't quite have enough gun to finish the job, before Tartarus sidled up and ended Denny.

Now Body & Soul; hooooo boy that list is juicy. So much fun to play, and so many options to work with on the table. I went into the event with only one practice game under my belt, and while she did go down to a cheeky fire roll in one game, the list just dominates. There's been plenty of discussion to date on what she can do in that theme, and I have nothing new to add, but I'm keen to continue playing it in the future. It was nice to just go into my games feeling a sense of control and having options again, something that I struggle to find at times with Skorne.

Speaking of Skorne though, my little soiree with Cryx has left me feeling some what refreshed and keen to play around some more. With the latest ADR roster and an upcoming Masters-styled event in July, I'm getting amped practicing with eXerxis again. I've essentially worked with the list I've mentioned in previous posts, except with more beef in titans. The sideboard has triple Drakes for infantry worries, and I'm excited at how having these options will play out in my games. The second list looks set to be pMakeda, and she's one that I've only lightly dabbled in, but have been keen to explore more. Her use as the off list came from discussion with Adam Oakson as to her as the Cryx drop. Besides that, Ive had fun just trying my list out, seeing what Defenders Ward'ed Keltarii are like (fucking awesome) and yo-yo'ing Rhadiem with a 22" threat range.

Amongst all this various friends went to Australia to compete in the Australian Team Championships. While the posts by Mitch below give a great blow-by-blow of the event from the NZ North team's perspective, what isn't mentioned was how hungry we were back here in NZ or info. Scrambling for any scrap of info from various tweets or the odd post here and there. The excitement distracted me from writing an assignment for uni, and the desire to participate was so raw and fresh. I am really keen to try and make it to a team event next year, it really does just seem like such a blast and an experience unlike any other.

So that's the jist of everything that's been happening for myself of late. I essentially fell off the Skorne bandwagon, to hop back onto it yet again. All the while with the support of great friends:
<3 Thanks Chuck

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