Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Humberly Dumberly

Thinking back over my last two posts on my Ides games, I'm hoping I didn't come across as too salty; sure, at the time I was disappointed at my performance, but I'm somewhat surprised that I'm actually REALLY excited about the game and what I can look forward to over the next wee while. Every game, I had something to learn whether it be a particular rules interaction, finding out what an unfamiliar warcaster/warlock does, or even what sort of plan would apply to a particular match-up/scenario, the 7 rounds of play I feel presented me with situations where I feel I had to rely on my ability to play, not just the inherent strengths of my list/faction, or herpaderp dice.

I thought it important to perhaps to mention this after reading a blog post on the Muse site, here. It comforts me that others elsewhere are frankly discussing negative performance experiences, and that others seem to also be pulling themselves out of a slump to chase the types of play experiences they DO want. There was suspicion that I may be blindly optimistic, but feeling positive about this game even when I pull a 2:5 win ratio should say something. I sure as shit didn't feel like that when playing 40K

From there though, I haven't been able to squeeze in a game lately - as mentioned previously, time is in short supply, and my brain meat is getting a very heavy workout as I get to grips being a pysch intern, attending cultural events and psych workshops, reflecting on my processes within a healthcare organisation, and beyond that, what it means to work in within the context of a practitioner-client relationship.

But I had a chance to do some watch-machine last night, dropping into the Dojo. There, some trolls were getting tussled by some Cryx and Cygnar, and I got pretty involved in how the lists were constructed and played, particularly from the troll side. I may have also been sticking my nose in it inappropriately, and if I was apologies to Nick and Dave. 

But holy shit do Trolls have some game - Nick was rolling with a Grim2 list, sporting Burrowers, Scattergunners and Highwaymen as the meat of the list, and on paper it had all sorts of game against the pDenny list Dave was using. It was interesting to see how the medium bases of the trolls really interfere with the type of damage output a shooting army like that has, but even then; one unit of Highwaymen do a shit load of work. Better gauging of the threat ranges and reach of his units, will lead to Nick having a list that will just be steam-rolling melee-centric infantry armies.

Matt meanwhile was trying out a Doomy2 list with a twist; Dozer and Smiggs, double Blitzer, plus light warbeasts and those new fire trolls for flavour. Recalling previous discussion with him about the list, it banks a lot on using Refuge to yo-yo the beasts, getting shots off and keeping enemy models at arm's-length, and use Repulse on the Blitzers to manipulate the board. It sounds like a hilariously fun list to use, and something that plays completely different to how I imagine trollbloods typically would want to. The game ended with Stryker getting the drop on Doomy with an inch to spare, but till then the troll list was clocking CPs and seemed to be holding out rather well.

But more to the point; an inventive troll list with no Warders!

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