Sunday, 1 March 2015


Today lists for the Ides of March, two-day steamroller were due, and I was finding it really fucking hard to wrangle those last few odds and ends for my lists. I played two games with my Mordikaar list, as part of gaming to celebrate a mate Josh's birthday,
and tried on various modifications to the list in attempts to hit that magical 50pt sweet spot.

Holy shit it was hard. Vorkesh came in, and went out, Nihilators went down to a min unit, and disappeared, Incindiarii came back, Tiberion made a brief appearance, the Archidon tried out, Gladiators were considered and then hastily scrapped. Discussions and dojo'ing followed, and I noticed something a little funny; others were able to discuss with certainty what I should bring to make the most of my lists, but would struggle with their own. Similarly, I can say with confidence what others should slot into their lists, based on what knowledge I may have, but can work myself into circles putting things into and out of my lists.

Part of that I guess is a level of emotional attachment you have with particular key pieces in games. Often my choices with units are based upon how they perform in my games, hence my exclusion of Gladiators and Kreas from my recent lists, but more presence of Archidons and Tyrant Commanders. You can become stuck to the particular instances where certain models performed in particular ways, and that can begin to influence army list decisions, or potentially worse, railroad one to repeat previous moves to try and replicate past games.

Cognitive entanglement aside, I got my lists together and submitted them into Lord Regent and WarmaHordes Grand Dictator at large David Stent, so he can crunch some numbers and spit out some handy stats for people to ooh and aah over. My loins tingle in anticipation.


  1. Such an awesome cake! Was that his cake really?

    1. unfortunately no, he instead had birthday chocolate cream pie.

      SO GOOD ಠ_ಠ