Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Before I begin writing about any particular thing in regards to Warmachine/Hordes the game, or the tabletop hobby in general, I want to take this chance to lay out the direction and approach of this blog.

Being relatively new to the world of blogging, I have a series of reservations as to how I will approach this first post; generally, most of the writing I have done has been academic in the vein of essays and dissertations and what not. I also did some personal journal writing which was more of a stream-of-conscious style of thing, rambling about my thoughts as they came, with very little direction or format to the whole thing. 

So I will aim for this blog to be a mash of the two - where I will choose to tackle discussion of the hobby as I personally perceive them, whilst having more of a structure in the form of wanting to talk about generally recognisable topics in relation to WM/H. This will include the upcoming gaming events in New Zealand, the forces I choose to use, the releases put out by Privateer Press that catch my eye, and any other topics that I have been mulling about.

This will largely be a self-serving exercise, where I feel I need a place to consider these things out in the open, as opposed to just in my own head; one of the things that has been bugging me lately is how to improve myself as a player, where there are a few obstacles that have created a sort of ceiling that I need to bust through. But hopefully through this process others will find this entertaining as well.

Hence the title "Befuddled". In the theme of most Warmahordes blogs, I wanted to use terminology from the game itself to title this particular blog, and I felt documenting my rambles and attempts at gaming glory were some what reminiscent of Calandra doing confusing things to warbeasts.

....I might have to rethink that.

I guess there's nothing else to say, except here's me and my cat JC. He's usually present whenever I try to write things, so he deserves co-author credits.

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