Monday, 10 October 2016

Rask is ok? I hear

Further to my faction hopping soiree, I got my hands on a bunch of Greg's Minions models. The idea was that I'd have a go at giving them a spin since people are raving on about them a bit, so with the existing minions I had bought for my Skorne, I could start adding the odd unit, beast or warlock to ease into yet another faction.

Instead I got handed all of Greg's pigs and gators and so I'm currently a kid in a candy shop full of options.

Naturally I start playing with Rask, because someone, somewhere, they mentioned, yeah, he's meant to be a thing. Playing around with lists, I went with the ideas that were bouncing around the interwebs with Rask running all the Lesser Warlocks, as he delivers them so damned well. I also thought Maximus would do great in there, being able to charge up under feat, standing at spitting distance from the opponent without fear of reprisal. It didn't quite work out that way though, and he got dropped for Targ, to bring some much needed healing and that juicy ancillary attack.

I also tried lists without Dahlia & Skarrath, lacking those models; I had a good time chucking the Swamp Horror around for a bit, beginning to learn how abusable the throwing rules are with him. But the control Dahlia could bring to the table was tempting me, and having run her now, I see how frustrating it can be to have her forced down the throat of a melee army, without any hope to respond. The accuracy of the snake also left me aghast.

Overall, I began to play with a list that felt all sorts of right. In it, I ran Rask with Targ, Wrastler and Ironback Spitter, with Wrongeye, Rorsh, and Dahlia bringing their respective beasts. As support I had the Bog Trog Mist Speaker, Lanyssa, and the Bog Trog Shamblers led by their Bokor.

The pic below shows me using an earlier iteration of the above list, where I still had Maximus durdling in the wings, missing his initial attacks. The pic also features Greg's stylish skull. Whomever it was, I'm sure they deserved it.

The game was against Caine2, and served to show how much flex the list had. I pretty much cleared out his army with ease, however Caine doesn't need an army to win, and has all the tech he needs to bypass Rask's defences so YOLO.

Still. Rask is stronk. I've loved playing this guy, and will write about my 6 games with him at a recent teams event, and probably muse some more about what I want to do next with Minions (probably something swine).

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